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Introductory Season Pass Promotion


We are in the midst of an amazing golf season here in Balfour and we want to share the beauty that is the Balfour Golf Course with you to finish off the season.  Our golf course is in all time great condition and the vibe around here is buzzing with enjoyment and positivity.  Balfour is definitely the place you want to be playing your golf in 2021 so why not jump on board in September and play the LAST FIVE WEEKS FOR FREE!! 






Have you ever thought about calling Balfour your home for golf?  Have you had a Season Pass here before and are contemplating making your return?  Are you a Canadian 'snowbird' that is going to be forced to stay home through the winter and into next Spring?  As long as you have never been a Season Pass Holder in Balfour before or it has been at least 3 seasons since you have, now is the time to bring your game back out here by purchasing you 2021  Introductory Season Pass  by September 13th.  This promotion is a one time offer which will include unlimited golf starting Monday September 14th when you commit to Balfour for the 2021 season.  Our closing date has been set for October 18th this year meaning that in addition to a spectacular season of golf in 2021, this promotion will get you five full weeks of play before we close our doors on 2020!

Our Introductory Season Pass offer saves you over $500 on our Full Play Pass price, we throw in a complementary Driving Range Pass and at its current rate of $1399, the Bonus Golf that you receive that last five weeks of this season makes the purchase even more of a no brainer!  There are a few details that are important to know about this offer so check these out below:




  • 2021 Introductory Season Passes must be paid in full in order to begin play starting September 14th.
  • 2021 Power Cart leases will be available during our 2021 Early Bird promotion or once we open our doors next spring and will not be available with this offer.
  • Our Early Bird Season Pass promotion will not include a monetary discount on Introductory Season Passes moving forward.  This promotion will act as our Early Bird offer for 2021 Introductory Season Pass purchases.



As of January 1, 2021 the Balfour Golf Course will be eliminating the three year absentee rule currently attached to our Introductory Season Pass offer.  Upon removal of this condition, no golfer who has previously been a Season Pass Holder in Balfour will qualify for our Introductory Season Pass discount and will be subject to our regular Early Bird or In Season Pass Holder rates.  There are many reasons that someone may take a hiatus from being a Pass Holder at a particular golf course so if you've been contemplating your return to Balfour, now is definitely the time for you to act!


QUESTIONS?  Call Craig at 250-229-5655 or SEND HIM AND E-MAIL and he'll have all of the information that your need.