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Announcing our new Superintendent

March 14, 2018

It is with great pleasure that we send you this e-mail today to announce the hiring Balfour Golf Courses new Green Superintendent, Larry Olson.

Larry has extensive history in the Kootenay Lake area having been born and raised in Kaslo B.C.  Shortly after completion of his three year Golf Course Technician and Turf Grass Management degree from Seneca College in Ontario, Larry became the first Superintendent of the Balfour Golf Course upon its opening in 1990.  With Larry at the helm of our then newly constructed facility, Balfour Golf Course quickly gained a reputation for being one of the finest manicured nine-hole golf courses in British Columbia.

Following his tenure as Balfour's Superintendent, Larry took on the same role at the Penticton Golf and Country Club where he remained in control of their grounds maintenance department for the past eighteen years.  In his time at the Penticton Golf and Country Club Larry not only provided a golf course with stellar playing conditions, he also was the lead man in several course improvement and re-design projects including building/refurbishing the majority of tee boxes on their course, design and development of a new practice facility and preliminary design work for a full upgrade of their irrigation system.  Larry has also worked very hard to keep up with recent changes to pesticide use regulations and has made sure that the Penticton Golf and Country Club met or exceeded the expectations set out in these new regulations.

Larry is a welcome addition to the Management Team here in Balfour and with his 28 years or experience including ten in Balfour, he will truly be an asset to our golf course and community for years to come.