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Happy December Golfers,

Now that my first season as superintendent of The Balfour Golf Club is winding down, this is the perfect time for me to offer my take on the past season and to give a peek into next season.

Personally, I feel that we had a very successful season.  We changed some of our maintenance schedules to provide more consistent playing conditions.  A term I like to use is, “tournament ready” every day of the week.  Because of the willingness to change and hard work of the grounds crew I feel there was an immediate and obvious improvement to playing condition in general.  The crew and volunteers also raised the canopy and cleaned some of the thickest bush areas to enhance your golf experience.  Many irrigation repairs were completed as well as adding drainage to some of our historically wet areas.  Some new varieties of flowers and foliage were added to beautify the clubhouse area, and trees were planted in the parking lot for shade as they mature.  Construction was started on #13 blue tee expanding and levelling it.  With the help of my dog Maggie we were able to keep the goose population to a manageable number in 2018.

We have lots on our “to do” list in 2019.  We will be continuing with raising the canopy and cleaning up the bush to speed up play, reduce lost balls and generally improve the golf experience.  We will be improving bunkers and surfacing cart paths as time and money permit.  #13 blue tee construction that was started this fall will be completed in the spring, as well as expanding the #9 white tee deck.  Tee leveling will be an ongoing maintenance practice moving forward.

We will also be improving our practice facilities starting in 2019 as funding permits.  Phase 1 will be to construct a practice bunker on the northwest side of the putting green.  It will be designed so anyone using it will be hitting away from other golfers using the putting green.  Phase 2 will be to expand the putting green to the east, the area that was mowed down to collars height this season.  Phase 3 will be to add a grass tee behind the mats on the driving range.  Because this will be a fairly small tee it will probably only be open 2 or 3 days per week.  Craig and I feel these practice facility improvements will be a great enhancement of our facilities.

We will be supplying sand and seed filled bottles starting next spring giving you, the golfer, a chance to help yourselves by improving your playing conditions.  There will be bottles on all power carts as well as bottles available for those walkers that want to participate.  My philosophy on divots is, if you take a large juicy divot that makes a thump when it hits the ground, please replace it and step it down firmly.  If you take a scuff divot please fill with sand and seed and level with your foot. 

That’s a snap shot of our past season and future plans for maintenance here at The Balfour Golf Course, I hope you found it informative.  As usual I ask that if you enjoy your golf experience here please tell your friends, and if for some reason you don’t, please tell us.

See you in the spring.

Larry Olson


Balfour Golf Course

[email protected]