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Osprey Small Business Pass

Are you a business owner or part of an organization that may find value in increasing brand awareness and/or customer appreciation through golf?   Are you part of a group that golf together regularly or maybe a club that would be interested in sharing rounds within one season pass?  Our Osprey Small Business Pass may just be the perfect solution for you!


Osprey Small Business Pass details:

  • 100% transferable rounds
  • Advanced booking privileges
  • Valid any time of day, any day of the week
  • Guest rate for non-pass holders
  • Option to include power cart
  • Access to Corporate buying program
  • Business Recognition Partnership


100 ROUND PASS $6,800 $3,800 $3,000
60 ROUND PASS $4,080 $2,400 $1,680
40 ROUND PASS $2,720 $1,700 $1,020
20 ROUND PASS $1,360 $1,000 $360

Business Recognition Partnership details:

  • Logo and website link on our Friends of Balfour page
  • Logo and name placement our Friends of Balfour board
  • Logo and website link on all electronic news letter communication
  • Introduction via dedicated news letter and social media sends
  • Invoice including business name and promotional value


  • A maximum of eight passes can be used at any given time
  • All unused rounds expire at the end of the purchase season with one exception:
    • face value of up to 20% of the original number of rounds purchased may be applied to the purchase of the same Osprey Small Business pass the following season. 


The 2019 Osprey Small Business Pass family