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Superintendents Mid-Summer Update

August 5, 2021

Hello Balfour Golfers,

It’s been quite awhile since my last newsletter.  Sorry about that, but it’s been a long, hot, very busy summer, and it’s only the beginning of August!  It’s been a long time since we’ve had any measurable precipitation; so much of my and my crews time has been spent trying to keep the main play areas of the course healthy.  So far I’m quite happy with our success.  It’s a fine balance between keeping the course lush and getting it over saturated with poor muddy playing conditions.  Unfortunately this means a lot of the rough areas are drying up and going dormant.  Not pretty to look at but still very playable.

We’ve experienced quite a few irrigation issues on the back 9 this year, some with the actual piping and heads and lots with the control system.  I’m cautiously optimistic that the worst of these issues are behind us and the affected areas of turf are in recovery mode.

Besides all of the regular daily maintenance the crew has managed to get a lot more brushing and thinning completed this year.  We’ve also managed to keep up with hazard tree removals as they show up. 

One large ongoing project that anyone who’s been golfing this year will have noticed is the construction of a lower, RV parking area at the clubhouse, below the putting green.  Once completed this area for RV’s will help make sure our main parking lot will not get overly congested on busier days. 

Please make note of the fact that the golf course will be closed August 23rd for aerifying and topdressing.  The reason for choosing this date is so we will have quick recovery, meaning great conditions for the fall and even next spring.  Short term pain for long term gain!

For everyone’s safety we will be adding speed bumps to our entry road to the clubhouse.  Too many people have been getting in the habit of speeding down the driveway and it’s only a matter of time before a pedestrian, crew member, staff or golfer gets into a collision.  Watch for the bright yellow signs indicating speed bumps showing up very soon.

Lastly, for all you smokers out there, please smoke responsibly.  The bush in and around the golf course is tinder dry and my crew is instructed not to pick up cigar and cigarette butts.  So if you discard them on the course, not only are you throwing out a potential fire hazard, you’re littering, so please dispose of your butts responsibly. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this mid-summer update, and as always if you like our conditions tell your golfing buddies, and if you don’t, tell me.
Larry Olson, Superintendent