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rel-ish at the Osprey opens at the Balfour Golf Course








Greetings from the rel-ish team!

Thank you all for your amazing patients and support during the first few weeks of us being open, we have been blown away by the response from the community!

Our team has slowly been increasing and adapting to the new location and we appreciate the thanks and input we have been receiving throughout this learning stage. Please keep those suggestions and resumes coming our way.

Covid 19 has shaken things up for everyone and as we strive to keep current with safety protocols things will be changing at the restaurant. Unfortunately we can no longer serve people off the bar, all patrons entering the restaurant must be seated at a table, so we kindly ask patrons to wait in the designated area and proceed to their table when directed to do so by the staff.

You will notice other changes around the building as well, including portions of the patio blocked off from outside access, and designated traffic areas inside the restaurant, rest assured we will do our best to accommodate our patrons requests so long as they fall within the provincial guidelines. We want to create a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

In the coming weeks we will also be introducing the ability to “run a tab” via customers pre paying for a rel-ish card (usable at all rel-ish locations). This card can be held by the customer or on site, enabling our regular customers to enjoy that extra little bit of freedom and get back to those tee boxes on time!  League play can expect some amazing prizes from us and our liquor sponsors as we get a little further into the season.

The Online menu is up and running! Our customers now have the ability to order and pay straight from the web or via the Often Dining app! Just a few clicks and you’re ready to stop by and grab your order.  QR codes have also been placed in a number of the carts on site. They can easily be scanned with the camera on any smart phone; the link that pops up will take you straight to the online ordering page.  On behalf of The rel-ish Team, Trevor and myself we look forward to seeing what the rest of this amazing summer has in store for us as a community and we look forward to seeing your smiling faces on our patio in the weeks to come!


Trevor Ditzel

rel-ish Bistro & rel-ish @ The Osprey Grill